James Slater (ggg grandfather - proof)

James Slater (gg grandfather - proof)

  JAMES SLATER of Newton (my great great grandfather)  
  Child of Jane Slater   DATA SOURCE
b. 1828   51 61 GS CR
d. May 26 1879 aed 50   GS W DC
m. Jane Deason (1837-1862) July 12 1856 WC 61
c. Abraham
1856-1928 (my great grandfather)
61 W EP BC
61 W EP GS
m. Jane Knight (1836-1917) November 15 1863 WC 71 81
c. Jane
John Thomas
William Henry
Margaret Ann
71 81 GS
71 81 EP
71 81 GS
81 GS
81 EP
81 EP
81 EP
Data Source - 41, 51, 61, 71 etc=1841 census etc GS=Grave Stone W=Will EP=Estate papers
BC/WC/DC= Birth - Wedding - Death Certificate CR=Church records

Gravestones at Dalton Cemetery
In memory of Thomas Slater of Newton who died September 1st 1868 aged 58 years.  Jane Slater who died May 21st 1871 aged 82.  Abraham who died January 6th 1872 aged 84.  James Slater who died May 26th 1879 aged 50 years.  Jane widow of James Slater born January 3rd 1836 died February 21st 1917.  Robert son of James Slater who died January 12th 1882 aged 13 years.  Resting.

In affectionate memory of Jane Slater who departed this life March 23rd 1883 aged 18 years.  Also James who died December 25th 1891 aged 32 years. Also William Henry died July 19th 1892 aged 20.  Children of James Slater of Newton.

The 1851 census for 53 Newton
Abraham     Head unmarried  aged 64
Jane            Sister           aged 62
Thomas       Nephew          aged 40
Robert        Nephew          aged 30
James         Nephew          aged 22

1861 census for 42 Newton                           1861 census for 40 Newton
Abraham   Head unmarried  aged 74              James       Head   aged 32
Jane          Sister                  aged 72                Jane  (1st) Wife    aged 24
Thomas    Nephew              aged 50                Abraham  Son   aged 4 (my great grandfather)
                                                                        James    Son   aged 1

The 1871 census for 29 Newton                   1881 census for 267 Newton
Abraham Head unmarried aged 84                   Jane (2nd) Head aged 52
Jane        Sister                 aged 82                 James        Son   aged 21
James     Nephew             aged 42                   Jane           Dau. aged 16
Jane  (2nd) Wife               aged 35                   John T.      Son   aged 14
Abraham Son (my g grandfather) aged 14         Robert       Son   aged 12
James Son                        aged 11                   William H. Son   aged 9
Jane  Daugter                    aged 6                     Margaret  Dau.  aged 7
John T. Son                      aged 4                      Esther       Dau.  aged 4
Robert Son                       aged 2                      Isabella     Dau.  aged 1

Parish Records of Baptisms (St. Mary's Church)

James illegitimate son of Jane Slater of Newton 20 July 1829.
Robert natural son of Jane Slater of Newton 12 November 1820.
Thomas natural son of Jane Slater of Newton Born 3 Nov. 1810 Baptized 13 Nov. 1810.
Jane to James & Isabel of Newton 25 December 1788.
Abraham son of James & Isabella of Newton 25 March 1787.

There is no doubt this James is my great great grandfather.  My grandfather (Abraham) gave me James estate winding up papers that had been given to him by his father, (also called Abraham), he also said that he could remember being looked after by his step grandmother Jane.  This estate papers showed the estate was wound up on 21st February 1917, the same date as shown for the death of James (2nd) wife Jane on a gravestone in Dalton Cemetery. The estate would be wound up on this date if James had died earlier than Jane, the gravestone shows that this actually happened and that James died in 1879 aged 50.

Abraham, Jane, James and Thomas (shown on the gravestone) must be the same people that are shown for the 1851 census as their ages (and family group) are more than an adequate match.  The census show James, Thomas and Robert as being Nephew to the head of the household Abraham, to be a nephew they have to be children of a brother or sister of Abrahams i.e. Jane who is shown as Abrahams sister. The Parish records back up this theory and show Jane had 3 illegitimate sons of which James was the third.  I have said the ages are an adequate match this is because ages do not always match up exactly, even my grandfather has the wrong age on his wedding certificate. However there must also be supporting evidence to back up the relationship, in this case the Parish records are further evidence along with James two wedding certificates that do not show any fathers name - a sure sign of illegitimacy. Further evidence can be found from Jane's fathers will which also indicate that Jane had sons.

James married Jane Deason, who gave birth to my great grandfather Abraham, Jane died in 1862 and James subsequently married Jane Knight, by marrying two 'Jane's' James confused my research for some time as I had been told that Jane was the name of James 2nd wife. I did not totally believe this until I discovered that Jane was also the name of his first wife. James was a wealthy man for his time and owned a number of properties as well as having considerable (for that era) money in the bank.  His estate papers show that he owned 3 houses that were sold to the Dalton co-op for £1000 and on one of my visits to Dalton I made a point of going into the co-op to have a look around. Although the buildings that James owned have been replaced by a newer one, it was still quite a thrill to know I was in the same space that had been owed by my great great grandfather.

So Jane (James's mother) is my great great great grandmother and I do not have a great great great grandfather, or at least not one that stood by his responsibilities. If he had this book could have been called 'THE POSTLETHWAITE FAMILY HISTORY' or some other surname. But it is called 'THE SLATER FAMILY HISTORY' and that is how it is staying.

The Will of James Slater of Newton Signed 2nd April 1879

James died 26th May 1879 and the main points of his will is as follows...
Left to Jane (James wife) wines, liqueurs, fuel and other consumable household stores and provisions.
Also use and enjoyment during her lifetime of all household goods, plates, linen, china, glass, printed books, wearing apparel, watch, trinkets and jewels.
After her decease or remarriage the above to be disposed as part of James personal estate.
Annual income from real and personal estate to be paid to Jane as long as she remains chaste and unmarried.