ABRAHAM SLATER (my g g g g g g grandfather)  
  Child of James of Park   DATA SOURCE
b. 1688    
d. 4 January 1715 (burial date)   BT
m. Francis Newby 18 July 1715 CF
c. Elizabeth
  CF W
Data Source - 41, 51, 61, 71 etc=1841 census etc GS=Grave Stone W=Will EP=Estate papers
BC/WC/DC= Birth - Wedding - Death Certificate CR=Church records

Proving that Abraham was the previous Jamesís (m.Jane) father is not quite as easy as all the previous relationships, but I believe it is proved beyond doubt......

The Mormon Computer File Index shows the following entries...

Elizabeth to Abraham and Francis 28 April 1717
Thomas to Abraham and Francis 9 November 1719
James to Abraham and Francis 8 April 1722
Jane to Abraham and Francis 22 February 1725
Abraham to Abraham and Francis 4 December 1727
John to Abraham and Francis 5 April 1731
William to Abraham and Francis 5 April 1731
James to Abraham and Francis 27 April 1734

All the above children are mentioned in Abraham of Parkeís Will, except the first James (8 April 1722) who must have died before 1734 when the 2nd James was baptized.  It is too much of a coincidence for two families to have exactly the same number of children with exactly the same names, therefore the Will and Computerfile index show that Abraham of Parke married Francis.  Incidentally Francis was buried 12 February 1764 which is why she is not mentioned in the Will.

From the previous section James (m.Jane) was born in 1734 according to the gravestone, this matches up with the last entry above showing that it is probable that James (m.Jane) was born to Abraham of Parke and Francis.  Everything is fitting into place nicely but not quite enough to absolutely prove the relationship beyond any doubt.  I think the following evidence along with the above evidence clinches it....

In his Will Abraham says he is from Parke (which is a farm), bearing in mind that spellings in the 1700ís could change easily (e.g. Sourby Lodge became Sowerby Lodge and Nuton became Newton) Parke can easily become Park. The following entries are from Bishops Transcripts....

William to James of Park 5 December 1756
Abraham to James of Park 25 November 1759
Mary daughter to James Slater of Newton 19 July 1761
John son of James Slater of Newton 10 December 1762
John son of James Slater of Newton 13 May 1764
John son of James Slater of Newton 10 Jan 1767
Jane daughter to James Slater of Newton 12 March 1769
Margaret daughter of James Slater of Newton 30 March 1771
Elizabeth daughter of James Slater of Newton 29 January 1776

Now look again at the relevant bits of the gravestone for James (m.Jane)

James Slater of Dalton died 22nd March 1810 aged 76 years.  Jane his widow the daughter of John and Mary Bell died October 10th 1818 aged 80 years. Also the sons and daughters of James and Jane Slater   William died October 8th 1831 aged 74.    James died June 29th 1827 aged 69.   Abraham was drowned when the ship Rollins of Lancaster was lost in 1784 aged 24 years.  Mary died April 5th 1829 aged 67.   John died an infant June 27th 1763.   John died an infant August 13th 1765.

From the Bishops Transcripts it can be seen that William, Abraham (children of James of Park), Mary and both Johns (children of James of Newton) birth dates adequately match the dates for the same children of James of Dalton.  Therefore I believe that James of Dalton (gravestone) is the same person as James of Newton who is also the same person as James of Park (just different periods in his life).  Thus, from Bishops Transcripts, James of Dalton (m.Jane) lived at Park at minimum between 1756-59 and Abraham (m.Francis) lived at Parke at least from 1717 (from Mormon Computer File) until he died in 1777.  i.e. they lived in the same dwelling at the same time.  With the other evidence this makes me believe beyond doubt that Abraham of Parke (m.Francis) is the father of James of Park/Newton/Dalton (m.Jane) and therefore my great great great great great great grandfather - phew?