Welcome to my Slater Family History - My grandmother lived to 107 years old, she was alive in 3 different centuries i.e. 1800/1900/2000s - Walter Oliver Slater (my father) was presented with the M.B.E. by the Queen at Buckingham Palace. - Read about the sinking of the Lancastria in WW2 which Walter survived. - Read why I think my Uncle Arthur was a hero - I have proven my direct line back to 1644, and probably back to 1537. - Until about 1900, my ancestors were mainly farmers around Dalton-in-Furness, Lancashire, England. - Read about the Speculator Mine disaster in Butte Montana, USA, in 1917. - Read about the 'Rollins' shipwreck in 1784. - People in normal capitalisation i.e. Terry Slater, I have personally researched the data. - People in all lower case e.g. terry slater, researched by other people. - Read some facinating wills from as far back as the 1600s. - Please visit my guestbook. - Please tell a friend about this site www.slaterweb.co.uk - thanks - I would like to also thank Philip Holmes for allowing me to add his considerable research data onto mine.
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