Slater Pictures



My Grandparents Abe and Nellie (+Eric?)
A hero's grave in Egypt James Arthur
My Mum and Nanna - Nanna's 100 birhday
Portrait of me (Terry) By Stella Slater
Walter and Alice on their wedding day - Egypt
Three brothers Antony, Keith and Terry
My Dad with M.B.E. at Buckingham Palace
My Mum and Dad Wedding Day in Egypt
Best mum in the world - Alice

2010 images of Church where Walter and Alice were married in Egypt (above)- Copyright Keith Allen Slater

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Telegram received by my Mother & Father on wedding day - Egypt 1944

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My fathers (Walter Oliver) M.B.E. delivery form
(Actual M.B.E. Warrant is too big to scan.)

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James Arthur's grave in Egypt

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My Grandmothers 100th birthday Telemessage from the Queen

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One of my School reports (well I was o.k. at Nature Study and always behaved myself.)